Jackman Works

Settled in the Nation’s Capital, Washington D.C., Jackman Works is a custom woodworking, carpentry, and videography studio. I work with a mix of materials, typically focusing on reclaimed and upcycled. This primarily comes in the form of woodworking, but other mediums often sneak their way in (metal, concrete, plastics, etc.). The other side of what I do is videography – I create short film “build videos” on my YouTube channel showing the process of the builds to both entertain and teach others who are trying to create themselves.

I am Paul Jackman, owner of Jackman Works. Jackman Works is a furniture making & remodeling business, focused primarily on upcycling and using reclaimed materials.

I typically have some pre-made items, but specialize in custom woodworking projects and custom remodeling projects. I can help you design anything you might want and also give you ideas on pieces of furniture or remodeling works including AutoCAD drawings of the design. Feel free to contact me and I promise I will be able to make your ideas a reality. Remodeling services include siding, roofing, small framing, decks, sheds, etc. Furniture making services include anything you can think of.

I don’t let anything leave my hands unless it is up to my unparalleled standards of quality and craftsmanship. Evidence of this can be found with my constant repeat business.

Map of previously completed Jackman Works projects: