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This miter saw station base is designed to be used as the base to my Modular Miter Saw Station or as a stand-alone workbench and storage unit. Each unit is 3′ wide and can be added or subtracted depending on how much room you want to each side of your saw, or how much storage you need. This could also be easily divided up into smaller units, like with just 1 or 2 cabinet units. The drawers are extra deep for tons of storage, supported by 28″ full extension drawer slides. The horizontal drawers were dimensioned to fit my situation, but the heights of the drawers could be easily changed to fit other tools and other situations. The vertical drawers can be adjusted even easier, just by changing the width of the drawer fronts. The set of vertical drawers that live below where my miter saw is located are the focal point of the cabinet. These were made to be a go-to location for my most used electric and pneumatic hand tools. They are easy to grab because they are grouped by category and each of the vertical drawers can be rearranged to fit different or changing stocks of tools quite easily. Full plywood layout diagram is included with the plans. This shows you exactly all the pieces you need to create the same set-up as me. This includes 4 main cabinets, 12 horizontal drawers (7 small, 4 medium, 1 large), and 5 vertical drawers sized to fit my tools.
The miter saw station upper unit is designed to fit on an existing workbench. The upper units could easily be scaled and be used as base units as well if you don’t have a workbench to build it off of. Each unit is 3′ wide and can be added or subtracted depending on how much room you want to the left and right of your miter saw. The drawers are made to be fully interchangeable in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) as well as a work station drawer. With the set-up I chose, I can cut 7′ to the left of the saw and 4 feet to the right of the saw using the stop block & ruler system. The saw unit fits my Dewalt 12″ sliding compound miter saw. Full plywood layout diagram included with plans. This shows you exactly all the pieces you need to create the same set-up as me. This includes 1 saw unit and 3 drawer units with 1 large drawer, 3 medium drawers, 7 small drawers, 1 work station drawer, and 3 lower unit drawers.
Plans Include:
  • Single PDF document for each plan set
  • 28 detailed pages for the base unit, 34 detailed pages for the upper unit
  • Full materials and tools shopping list
  • Full parts list with dimensioned parts
  • 3d renderings of each part and the full build process
  • Full plywood layout diagram for every sheet
  • Highly adaptable, grab the base unit & upper unit plans separately or grab them together at a discount!

Sheet list for the base unit plan set: Tools & Materials List, Full Cabinet Color Coded, Main Cabinet Unit, Main Cabinet Parts List, Horizontal Drawers, Typical Drawer Unit, Horizontal Drawer 1 Parts List, Horizontal Drawer 2 Parts List, Horizontal Drawer 3 Parts List, Vertical Drawers, Typical Vertical Drawer Unit, Vertical Drawer 1 Parts List, Vertical Drawer 2 Parts List, Vertical Drawer 3 Parts List, Vertical Drawer 4 Parts List, 3/4″ Cut Diagram (sheet 1 & 2), 3/4″ Cut Diagram (sheet 3 & 4), 3/4″ Cut Diagram (Sheet 5 & 6), 3/4″ Cut Diagram (Sheet 7 & 8), 3/4″ Cut Diagram (Sheet 9), 1/2″ Cut Diagram (Sheet 1 & 2), 1/2″ Cut Diagram (Sheet 3 & 4), 1/4″ Cut Diagram (Sheet 1 & 2), Main Cabinet Box Assembly, Horizontal Drawer Assembly, Vertical Drawer Assembly

Sheet list for the upper unit plan set: Materials List, Lower Drawer, Lower Drawer Parts, Lower Unit, Lower Unit Parts, Upper Unit, Upper Unit Parts, Ruler, Ruler Parts, Upper Saw Unit, Upper Saw Unit Parts, Lower Saw Unit, Lower Saw Unit Parts, Large Drawer, Large Drawer Parts, Medium Drawer, Medium Drawer Parts, Small Drawer, Small Drawer Parts, Work Station Drawer, Work Station Drawer Parts, 1/4″ Plywood Layout 1, 1/4″ Plywood Layout 2, 1/4″ Plywood Layout 3, 1/4″ Plywood Layout 4, 3/4″ Plywood Layout 1, 3/4″ Plywood Layout 2, 3/4″ Plywood Layout 3, 3/4″ Plywood Layout 4, 3/4″ Plywood Layout 5, 3/4″ Plywood Layout 6, 3/4″ Plywood Layout 7

The entire plan is included in a single PDF document each for the base unit and the upper unit. It is likely that you have a PDF reader installed on your computer already, but if you have trouble opening the file you can use the free program Adobe Reader to view the plans (available here). The checkout process on my site uses PayPal where you can use either your PayPal account or major credit or debit cards. Once your payment has processed, you will receive an email receipt for your purchase and that will contain a link to download your plan. Please be sure to check your inbox for the download link, your spam filters if you don’t see it in your inbox, and if after ~30 minutes you don’t see it in either place or encounter other issues, please feel free to contact me.

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