Top 20 – YouTube Woodworking Channels You Should Know About (but probably don’t) 2!

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As a follow-up to my article 6 months ago, I compiled this list of 20 more awesome YouTube woodworkers and creators who you need to check out right meow. These are all lesser known, but quality channels who you may not have come across and don’t have a huge following yet (<20,000 subscribers). These are all makers who you should keep an eye on though! Hopefully you discover some great new YouTubers from this list.
(in ascending order by current number of subscribers)
Super Make Something
1. Super Make Something
337 subscribers
Mix of 3D printing, CNC, etc. Not many videos yet but I like what I see so far.
William Lutes
2. William Lutes
340 subscribers
YouTube woodworker super-fan! Now he’s making videos himself too.
3. Artismia
732 subscribers
Part woodworker, part artist: pottery, metal sculptures, check out his work!
Braxton Wirthlin
4. Braxton Wirthlin
834 subscribers
Stay at home dad from Vegas! His enthusiasm is infectious and you know you always need more facial hair in your life.
Sean Rubino
5. Sean Rubino
960 subscribers
Stay at home dad Sean always has something interesting going on in the shop.
Stone and Sons Workshop
6. Stone and Sons Workshop
1,001 subscribers
Shawn is a big supporter of the community. He has a cool mix of videos, go check them out!
1,260 subscribers
French Canadian, aka The Woodpecker. Subscribe to this guy so you can unsubscribe from him. And then subscribe to him again…because he’s awesome.
8. CaseyNeistat
1,269,601 subscribers
Casey Neistat…wait how did this guy get on the list?! Filmmaker with horrible videos and definitely not worth checking out. He has plenty of subscribers already anyway.
Make it Extreme
1,650 subscribers
The channel name says it all: Extreme! Some really awesome and creative projects on this channel.
Ty Moser
10. Ty Moser
2,667 subscribers
Monkey in the shop Ty is a clever man with some cool projects.
Dominic Bender
11. Dominic Bender
2,729 subscribers
Dominic is a big supporter of fellow creators and has an amusing sense of humor. Be sure to check out his creations.
Cy's Corner
12. Cy’s Corner
2,831 subscribers
Cy is always smiling…always! It’s almost too much – not really, check out her channel.
Get Hands Dirty
13. Get Hands Dirty
6,228 subscribers
Girl from Portugal with some impressive ideas and equally good videos.
TabLeft Workshop
14. TabLeft Workshop
6,678 subscribers
Ray really has some good ideas, check out his channel.
Woodworking Barcelona
15. Woodworking Barcelona
7,565 subscribers
Many great smaller projects from this channel, see it for yourself!
16. RetroWeld
8,811 subscribers
Mixing wood, metal, and whatever he wants…no questions! Douglas is always making fun stuff.
Canadian Woodworks
17. Canadian Woodworks
9,111 subscribers
Furniture shop that makes some incredible chairs and tables.
Dustin Penner
18. Dustin Penner
15,902 subscribers
Lot’s of great projects from Dustin. Both woodworking and also some metalworking. Definitely worth checking out.
Switch & Lever
19. Switch & Lever
16,911 subscribers
Not really a woodworker, but a maker. Mix of computerized and handmade creations.
Andrew Klein
20. Andrew Klein
18,952 subscribers
Andy quickly became a sensation with his saw blade invention, check out what else he has to offer!
How many of these channels are new to you? Let me know below!
And don’t forget to check out Jackman Works on YouTube too