DIRESTA Ice Pick Shadow Box

In Tutorial by jackmanworks@gmail.com

A tribute to the one and only Jimmy Diresta: Maker Extraordinaire. I felt the casting was missing the typical Diresta flare, therefore I transformed him into an ice pick…it’s what he would have wanted.

Box is made from a reclaimed oak door frame. Aluminum dowels hold on the front of the box with nothing but friction. The block is made from pallet wood with a screw used as a pivot point for the center piece. Ice pick spike is a piece salvaged from a printer that was rescued from the dumpster. Clear material used in the front is plexiglass with custom vinyl lettering.

For anyone who has been in hibernation over the past few months and missed it, the Toybacker campaign that sold Diresta figures was used to raise money for the makerspace he is constructing in upstate NY.