Engagement Ring Box

In Tutorial by jackmanworks@gmail.com

Engagement ring box made from chechen and purpleheart. The “pillow” was made from a piece of foam wrapped in an old sunglasses bag. Finished with linseed oil and a few coats of wax. The engagement happened at the Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan on July 14, 2015!

Shout out to Jonathan over at Chasing Victory who handmade the custom ring with a wood inlay made from a piece of wood we picked up in Michigan.


Build Details

First ingredient: Chechen!

The grain in this piece was amazing.

Second ingredient: Purpleheart!

Pieces are cut into squares.

Glue is applied liberally.

If you don’t make a mess you’re doing it wrong (not really).

Left to dry for the night.

Then all sides of the cube are evened out and sanded.

Arc drawn for the “treasure chest” type of shape.

When I am happy with the shape of the box I then destroy it by cutting each side off the box. These are sanded smooth and set aside.

Then the inside of the box is scribed.

And cut…

And sanded…

The sides that were saved before are then glued back onto the main piece of the box.

The innards of the box are saved, the top is cut off to make a cube, then a hole is cut in the center to hold the ring.

Once the box dries again it’s sanded smooth.

Then I cut out some finger holes. This is done by drilling down most of the way with a forstner bit then finished it with a spindle sander.

I used some self-adhesive backed felt to fill in the gap and hold the inside of the box in.

Perfect amount of friction!

I round all of the corners with a 1/16″ round over bit.

That never fails to give a perfect look!

I then run through the sanding grits.

Linseed oil is used to finish it along with a few coats of wax to give it a nice shine.

The “pillow” was made from a piece of foam I had laying around.

I then wrapped this foam in fabric from an old sunglasses case.