Segmented Chevron Wedding Bowl

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I rescued this piece of oak from Brent’s firewood pile! Told him I had a better use for it. I rough turned the bowl around the beginning of the year and it developed a couple of cracks down the middle while drying. This area of the oak was removed and replaced with a cherry/zebra wood segmented chevron pattern. Finished with a linseed oil & beeswax mix.

Build Details

The bottom of the piece had to be flattened for mounting the face-plate.

A circle was scribed on top to cut it to rough shape.

Face plate attached.

And rough turning begins. It’s no wonder everyone loves turning green wood.

Bowl hollowed out.

Off the lathe and ready to dry.

After about 8 months of drying and some rounds in the microwave the bowl is ready to be finished. As I expected, a couple of cracks developed in the heart wood during drying so I cut the center of the bowl away.

To replace the center of the bowl I decided to laminate a piece of cherry and zebra wood for a mirrored chevron pattern.

Clamps, clamps, clamps.

A preview of the pattern.

Flattening both sides to allow for glue-up.

The infill was cut to rough profile then sandwiched into the bowl.

Face plate mounted and back on the lathe!

Finish turning and action video shot!

About a half dozen rounds of sanding until it shines.

Bowl is finished with a linseed oil & beeswax mix.

Bowl parted off the waste block.

Names and dates stamped on the bottom of the bowl.