Top 20 – YouTube Woodworking Channels You Should Know About (but probably don’t)

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In response to the Drunken Woodworker’s article yesterday on the top 20 woodworking YouTube channels (by number of subscribers), I compiled this list of awesome YouTube woodworkers who you may not have come across yet. These are all lesser known but quality channels that don’t have a huge following yet (<20,000 subscribers, but most have <5,000). These are guys you should keep an eye on though! Hopefully you discover some great new YouTube woodworkers from this list.

(in ascending order by current number of subscribers)

1. Jackman Carpentry
814 subscribers
Creative & incredibly handsome woodworker and carpenter, need I say more?

2. Wordsnwood
1,024 subscribers
Awesome furniture and tool builds, deep photo archive on his website

3. Mike Merzke
1,319 subscribers
Custom made furniture and home improvement, shop organization top-dog

4. Mario Cappellano
1,334 subscribers
It’s-a-me, Mario! (Italian woodworker) That box joint jig though…

5. Scrap Wood City
1,502 subscribers
Small project connoisseur & woodworking tips

6. Tim Sway
1,926 subscribers
Converting other people trash into creative and clever wood/metal creations (one of my favorites!)

7. Average Joes
2,013 subscribers
Newish woodworker heading in the right direction – great part of the community

8. Adventures In DIY
2,607 subscribers
Clever designs in woodworking projects plus other DIY and how-to content

9. Woodworking Barcelona
2,713 subscribers
Clever and unique small wood creations

Paul Jenkins
10. Paul Jenkins
3,436 subscribers
Wide variety of woodworking projects & tips, and a good ol’ Aussie accent

Kyle Toth
11. Kyle Toth
4,767 subscribers (way too few!)
GoPro mount king, fine furniture maker, impressive vase turner, calendar model

Tyler G

2. Tyler G
4,768 subscribers
All things DIY, woodworking & home improvements, fellow Red Wings fan (bonus points!)

13. Homesteadonomics
5,090 subscribers
Healthy mix of woodworking, home repairs, landscaping, and DIY

David Waelder
14. David Waelder
6,043 subscribers
Mr. Jimmy Diresta’s shop hand, trying to show up the boss with his awesome creations

Dema's WoodShop
15. Dema’s WoodShop
7,085 subscribers
Good mix of shop and woodworking projects with just enough humor (and dancing)

16. krtwood
8,249 subscribers
Smart man and great video producer. Watch out for that sponge fetish though

Steve French
17. Steve French
9,024 subscribers
Odd and interesting woodworking projects

Nick Ferry
18. Nick Ferry
15,317 subscribers
Hard to summarize this guy, diverse portfolio, great character

Fabian's Tiny Workshop
19. Fabian’s Tiny Workshop
17,726 subscribers
Great adaptability to a small shop space

Shop built
20. Shop built
19,111 subscribers
Primarily VERY clever shop projects & jigs along with great woodworking projects